Behind the Scenes Preview: NWF Seasons Beatings – Part Two


Back with more backstage scoop heading into Sunday’s big event in Fairfield.  Just announced on Christmas Eve, Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson will go toe to toe with Mr. Reality Check.  The old school Reality would love to create a buzz by not only beating Anderson before his big PPV on January 4th, but has said publicly:  “After the year Anderson has had and the NWF wants him to end 2014 with that kind of a beating, OK…”  Is Anderson ready? Or is he looking past this dangerous veteran?  Anderson and I have a very long personal history together and while I’d love to see Big Jim get the win as it’d make headlines all over the world, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m favoring Anderson (or Chad 2 Badd as I know him).


There’s an NWF Ladies Match on the card featuring Big Mama vs. “The Meanest in the Midwest” Hardcore Heather Owens.  These two are about as physical as female competitors get.  You have to wonder if NWF Ladies Champion Sin D, who is reportedly defending her title out-of-town, is concerned about either of these two. Or maybe she suggested this match in an attempt to see her two biggest challengers destroy each other so she can maintain her Moolah-like grip on the belt?

1453224_665487276905425_4251658616854629605_nPersonally, I think Nicholas the Titan is a scuzzbucket.  But you can’t deny the momentum he has gained ever since ThE rEvolUtion threw him out.  This match vs. Jeremiah is their first singles confrontation and I expect a lot of vicious shots back and forth.  It’ll be high impact, but as good a roll The Titan is on right now, Jeremiah has been consistently good for years – and in big match situations, he nearly always brings his “A” game.  This might be the sleeper match of Seasons Beatings.


Last month we saw the implosion of the newest NWF tag team – Doug Charlz and Aaron Xtreme.  I know because I was right there when it happened and I was as shocked as anyone!  Well, maybe not as shocked as Aaron Xtreme.  But when you bring in new outside talent like this, you almost have to expect that the pressure will get to them.  These two guys have fought before other places; what kind of point will they at try to make on the grand NWF stage?

Look for lots of high-flying and hot tempers in this one.


Finally, we have the huge steel cage match pitting who I would consider the two best singles performers in the NWF today against one another.  Nasty Russ is about as exciting a wrestler as I’ve ever seen will battle “the guy” in the NWF, Jay Donaldson.  I was here when Donaldson started, I was here the night he left, I was here the night he came back, and I’ve watched him develop into a true superstar. These two alone would steal the show, but then you put them inside the steel cage – and with Sean “Virus” Harddrive as a referee AND you chain Justin Lane to Jordan Lachey?  Could this be any bigger?  Oh yeah, it could!  Because the winner will get the Golden Ticket!  And remember, Anthony Bryant, current NWF champion, does NOT want anyone to have that ticket because he recognizes its value more than anyone.  Of course, if Angel is victorious in capturing the NWF Title, Bryant’s desires may be irrelevant.  What intrigue, eh?  I will be watching this one for sure.

There hasn’t been a bigger NWF event since FanFest and I would argue that this card is just as good as that one was.  You do not want to miss it and with the Bengals game being moved to prime time, there’s no other sporting event that should prevent you from coming out.  Tickets are affordable – only $8 in advance ($10 at the door, $15 for VIP) and doors open at 2 PM.  Bell time is 3 PM and with a card this jam-packed, there will be no delay in the start time.

Which match are you looking forward to the most?  (Besides the one I’m involved in, of course.) Leave it in the comments!

NWF Seasons Beatings will be held at the UAW Hall at 1233 Symmes Road, Fairfield, Ohio.  More information can be found here and here.  Kirk Sheppard will appear as the “Manager of Champions” as he leads Big League and Brody Cormick into battle against the Eds.  You can read Part One of the preview here.  Most photos courtesy of Tim & Tammy Hughes.

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