Behind the Scenes Preview: NWF Seasons Beatings

One of the perks of being backstage all these years if I have lots of sources for all the best secret, backstage gossip heading into this Sunday’s NWF SEASONS BEATINGS event.  I don’t mind sharing it with you . . . but you gotta promise to come see the show.  Deal?  OK, here we go!

The Eds are probably rolling around in slop somewhere
The Eds are probably rolling around in slop somewhere to prepare for their title defense.

While the Eds are likely rolling around in pig slop somewhere, I know for a fact that the tag team championship match is going to be amazing.  Brody Cormick and Big League have been working on several new double team moves.  I’m sure The Eds have some sort of bucket-logic cooking up while they chop wood and pet goats out in the Hills of Kentucky but these mental midgets can’t even come close to the strategy, finesse, and pure sportsmanship of my team.  Here’s a rumor that hasn’t been debunked:  The Eds are not only brothers, but cousins, too.  You figure out that family tree and I’ll give you nickel.


The Battle Royal is a great opportunity for a guy to make a name for himself; I’ve heard that guys like The Executioner, The Avenger, and even Ricky of the rEvoLutiOn are all hoping for a chance to beat the other competitors to prove that they are worthy of a bigger spot on the card.  Some scoop:  Ricky’s partner, Ryan, is NOT competing this week.  What’s up with that?

Other entrants named in this attraction include KYRON, The Stewner Brothers and T-Money.  The winner not only gets bragging rights but also a $2500 victory purse.


Outlaw Matt Stevens reminds Wildcat of someone from his past
Outlaw Matt Stevens reminds Wildcat of someone from his past

10730796_620660864729810_2942342376514127804_nWildcat Chris Harris is really itching to get his hands on Outlaw Matt Stevens this Sunday afternoon.  After Stevens insulted Wildcat and then attacked him from behind, Harris has been primed and ready for retribution.  But my sources tell me that Stevens is quite confident that Wildcat’s best matches are behind him; others wonder if the NWF Original will raise his game in order to prove he still has it.

Some other behind-the-curtain dirt: The NWF Front Office is not a fan of Wildcat handcuffing his opponents and he’s been fined more than once for doing so . . .and Cat is just “cowboy” enough not to care.

Rumor is Anthony Bryant is trying every thing possible to get out of this Lumberjack Strap Match on Sunday afternoon while Angel is salivating at the sadistic nature of it.


My sources tell me that NWF Champion “The Genuine Superstar” Anthony Bryant has filed a petition with the NWF Board of Directors to nullify not only the stipulation in the Lumberjack Strap Match but he also wants an injunction in place to stop the rematch itself.  Seems the cocky champion may not be quite as confident as he appears.  It makes sense given that he has no interest in anyone winning the Golden Ticket (remember, it was the same Golden Ticket that allowed Bryant to defeat a battered Jesse Hyde at FanFest to become NWF Champion in the first place.

Hey, I don’t blame the guy – I’ve often used every advantage I could find to win a match as well as manipulating things behind the scenes for the good of my proteges.  NWF Assistant CEO Nate Pelly – or “StickMan” as I like to call him – has been negotiating patiently with the champion but word is he’s growing weary and the match will most definitely take place as scheduled.  The Genuine Superstar may get to handpick some of the Lumberjacks as his consolation.

While not confirmed, its heavily rumored that Angel is salivating at the sadistic nature of this match and has a few veteran hardcore tricks he’s just waiting to show off.

So, there’s just a little bit of scuttlebutt about NWF SEASONS BEATINGS this Sunday in Fairfield, Ohio at a special 3 PM bell time.  There’s more to come . . . so stay tuned for Part Two later this week!

Manager of Champions Kirk Sheppard leads him team into battle this Sunday at Seasons Beatings at the UAW Hall, 1233 Symmes Road in Fairfield, Ohio at 3 PM.




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